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Write-Offs: 03.29.06

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$$$ Credit where credit's due: we all have Overstock's Patrick Byrne to thank for making conference calls fun again. But let's face it: they're even better when you record them and have them read by monkeys in wigs and sunglasses. (See also here and here.)
$$$ What's the first result when you type "finance" into Google? Uh... Yahoo! Someone's getting fiiiiiired. [via Going Private]
$$$ The 80,000 volt electric briefcase. Where the hell was this when we were dropping off piles of cash on behalf of Equatoguinean dictators in Dupont Circle for Riggs Bank in '04? Now they tell us! [via BoingBoing]
$$$ The first rule of Hedge Fund Polo Club is that no one talks about Hedge Fund Polo Club.