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All Clichés Are True***

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Sorry. We're just too captivated by the scandal du jour to talk about anything else. It would only be better if the incriminating copies of BusinessWeek** were lined with coke residue and stuffed under the hooker's mattress.
But as Paul Kedrosky points out, this isn't the first time someone's traded illegally off of Gene Marcial's "Inside the Street" column. According to TheStreet's David Edwards, creative people shouldn't go into banking, but the exception would seem to be bankers who plan to engage in illegal activity. In that area, stultifying unoriginality would seem to be a disadvantage.
And the SEC complaint highlights even more clichéd attempts at white collar criminal activity:

Plotkin and Pajcin also contemplated various schemes involving exotic dancers, including having them garner information from bankers while dancing, and using them to induce investment bankers to provide Plotkin and Pajcin with information.

Wasn't that a Law & Order episode? Or was it a really crappy "thriller" b-movie from 1986? Either way, the stunning lack of imagination is disappointing.
**On the upside, it's good to know someone's been reading BusinessWeek. Because we weren't sure.
***Apologies to Kurt Andersen.