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Analysts on the Bench, So to Speak: Long Italy, Short Germany

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File under "Good Use of Internal Resources": UBS analysts, using a similuation that employs sophisticated "scientific methodologies" (*cough* dart board *cough*), predict that Italy will win the World Cup:

According to the UBS simulation, further results will be as follows: Germany will lose to Argentina in the 3rd round and Italy will beat France at the same stage. They will be closely followed by the Netherlands, who will send England home. In the fourth pairing, the Brazilians will dominate the Spaniards. The semi-finals will then be down to the favorites: the Netherlands will draw the short straw against the Brazilians, the Italians will beat Argentina. In the final, the Brazilians will be forced to accept the fact that the Italians are the better team in this tournament.

There went all the Brazilian business. And the German business. And the French business...
UBS Analysts Predict the World Cup Champion [Yahoo! Finance]


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