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Best and Worst Business Books

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We tend to think that most business books fall into one of three categories:
· thinly-veiled self-help books
· shorter Ayn Rand
· vanity autobiographies
We're sure there are some good ones out there, but we don't think we've read them. Andy Kessler agrees:

I read a lot of business books. I don’t know why, because they mostly suck. But folks keep asking me what books they should read. I like a good story and hope to learn something - business is the new intrigue.

But he has some suggestions here, which we'll pass on, for lack of having anything to recommend ourselves.
We are, however, taking recommendations for Worst Business Books of All Time. Send nominations to tips AT with supporting evidence (i.e., egregious examples/excerpts). Consider it our attempt to save you from precious hours of unnecessary reading that could instead be devoted to things like vandalizing the DealBreaker wiki, figuring out how to expense bottle service at Cain or the mistress's hotel room, and building a leaning tower of dealtoys on the window ledge.