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Burkle, Cont'd: Money vs. Ego

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Per last week's speculation that Ron Burkle's divorce records may be sealed because he wants people to think he has more money than he does, Jared Stern writes in:

Burkle is actually worth much, much more than everyone thinks. In the divorce battle, the less $$ they can prove he has, the less he has to give to his ex.

So we guess it depends on which is more important to Burkle: ego or money. Tough call.
Also: Mickey Kaus finds a teensy bit of shameless hypocrisy in the situation:

When I shopped at Ralph's supermarkets in the 90s, when they were owned by Burkle, I remember row upon row of a particular product at the checkout counter. It was ... it's almost too disgusting to recall ... tabloids! Shoddy, standardless, gossip-obsessed tabloids!

Squaring the Burkle [KausFiles]