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Burkle, Cont'd: Money vs. Ego

Per last week's speculation that Ron Burkle's divorce records may be sealed because he wants people to think he has more money than he does, Jared Stern writes in:

Burkle is actually worth much, much more than everyone thinks. In the divorce battle, the less $$ they can prove he has, the less he has to give to his ex.

So we guess it depends on which is more important to Burkle: ego or money. Tough call.
Also: Mickey Kaus finds a teensy bit of shameless hypocrisy in the situation:

When I shopped at Ralph's supermarkets in the 90s, when they were owned by Burkle, I remember row upon row of a particular product at the checkout counter. It was ... it's almost too disgusting to recall ... tabloids! Shoddy, standardless, gossip-obsessed tabloids!

Squaring the Burkle [KausFiles]