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Byrne/Cramer/Greenberg, with a 2-For-1 Chewbacca Kicker

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Gary Weiss points out that Overstock's Patrick Byrne has been hanging out in the comments section of the Israpundit blog** lately defending himself against charges of anti-Semitism stemming from some commentary he made about Tom Friedman. Then he somehow laterals into a discussion of Jim Cramer and Herb Greenberg talking about him:

I do not think I have ever commented publicly on the Israel-Arab dispute. What I did in one blog was say that, regarding that dispute, Tom Friedman makes a habit of pretending to weigh the evidence, then always takes Israel’s side. I have not said that he is wrong to take Israel’s side, just that the “Let’s see, Arabs, israel, Arabs, Israel…. OK, this time I gotta go with Israel!” routine gets a little old. (As a matter of fact, I think he is sometimes insufficiently pro-Israel for my taste, but that is a logically unrelated point.)
I brought this issue up in the conext of discussing Jim Cramer’s and Herb Greenberg’s endless discussions of me. They run more or less like this (in paraphrase):
Jim: “Byrne might be a good guy!”
Herb: “No he’s a bad guy.”
Jim: “Are you sure? I thought he might be a good guy.”
Herb: “No he’s a bad guy.”
Jim: “OK, you win, he’s a bad guy.”
Over and over every time they discussed me. it reminded me of Friedman. That’s all.

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** As opposed to the Motley Fool message boards, and the Overstock auction boards, and ... hey, why isn't he commenting here?