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Duke Lax to Banking?

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From the Not-So-Funny Department:
One of the aspects of the Duke lacrosse scandal (which seems to be taking up ever more real estate on the Drudge Report) that's been the subject of much gossip in our Duke alumni circles is speculating about what happens to the players long-term if everyone is found innocent and the people whose mugshots have been circulating throughout the media are still household names. Our informal polling indicates that they'll all end up on Wall Street, with little or no negative repercussions. Several are--or were, before the aforementioned events--not surprisingly, slated to start i-banking jobs after graduation. Also: the father of Collin Finnerty, one of the two players who were arrested, is Kevin Finnerty (left), a former JP Morgan MD who ran mortgage-backed securities there and was on the board of the Bond Market Association, which, if our nepotism theory holds true, seems relevant. The possible exception: the kid who sent out the apparently ironic email referencing American Psycho. Informal polling indicates that he's probably screwed.