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Goodbye, Sandy

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The Times kisses Sandy Weill goodbye this morning in DealBook, covering the fareWeill party at the Met:

About 350 of New York’s political, financial and cultural elite were expected to attend, including James Dimon of J. P. Morgan Chase; Philip J. Purcell, the former chief of Morgan Stanley; the Rev. Jesse Jackson; and the cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Guests nibbled on tiny treats and toasted Mr. Weill’s storied career.

Weill's take, in summary: everyone's happy, it's been a good career, and now we're going to go do some philanthropic stuff. Not that he really could have said anything else.
The Times also says that Weill and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon have "put aside their differences" and has a good-sport quote from Dimon describing Weill as "gutsy." (If any differences were put aside, we're guessing they're still within arms' reach.)
But we'll be celebrating Weill's retirement, nonetheless. Any excuse for champagne in the office before 10 AM. (And if anyone's attending today's shareholder meeting, send us reports. Tips AT
At Citigroup, the End of an Era [NYT]



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