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Insider Trading: The Sequel

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DealBook's Andrew Sorkin talks to Gene Plotkin's Director of Photography:

“He had some good ideas and wasn’t as incompetent as a first-time director could be,” Ms. Pezé said, though she was less sanguine about the acting abilities of either Mr. Plotkin or of his co-star — and now co-defendant—29-year-old David Pajcin.

Her thoughts on Plotkin's prospects, from her blog:

It's sort of weird to know someone who's all over the news, especially when they're going to jail. I feel bad for him, it must be one hell of a day when it all crashes down on you and the FBI comes a-knocking with their fun little accessories (warrants and handcuffs and creepy sunglasses). Not that I think what he did was right at all, but he's gonna be wearing an orange jumpsuit for a while, and he's kinda pretty, so he's not gonna have a very good time there.

You can see the trailer for the film here.
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