John Mack Hires Someone!! Finally!

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Since it's already Morgan Stanley Day at Dealbreaker....
DealBook reports that JPMorgan's Rob Kindler is moving to Morgan Stanley to be Vice Chairman of Investment Banking where he'll focus on client relationships, etc., etc.
The JPMorgan motto (er, "strategic principle") is, of course, "One Firm. One Team. Be a Leader."
Kindler's version, we're told, inscribed on a hat he kept in the office: "One Firm. One Team. Bribe a Leader." He will certainly be missed.
Robert A. Kindler Joins Morgan Stanley as Head of Investment Banking [NYTimes]


Pesky Shareholder Asks John Mack if He Actually Used Foul Language

We couldn’t help notice that some clueless shareholder had the audacity to ask John Mack whether he really told Tim Geithner to go fuck himself in the midst of the financial crisis. Mack has admitted several times that Andrew Ross Sorkin’s account of him in the book “Too Big To Fail” was accurate. Mack’s actual words, according to the book, were, “tell him to get fucked,” or something along those lines.