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Lay Testimony: Day One, with Pie Chart

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Ken Lay took the stand today and offered the following assessment of the Enron trial, so far:

It's been very interesting,'' Mr. Lay answered. "We've seen a lot of interesting testimony. We've seen a lot of interesting people, a lot of allegations, a lot of lies, a lot of misinformation and some truth."

In case you're wondering:

The Wall Street Journal's assessment of Ken Lay, so far:

Mr. Lay has been in court every day since the trial began Jan. 31, seated in a swivel chair in the same spot, flanked by a legal team that includes his daughter. He takes notes while listening to testimony, appears attentive but relaxed, and smiles or even chuckles during lighter moments.

"My god," you can almost hear the reporter whispering, "He almost seems to be enjoying it."
Kenneth Lay Takes the Stand at Enron Trial in Houston [WSJ]