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Multi Capital Group, Donald Trump and Ecstacy Dealing

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According to this story in Philadelphia magazine, Donald Trump's new business partner in the area is Raoul Goldberg (nee Raoul Goldberger), a principal real estate bank/developer Multi-Capital Group. Goldberg has a colorful history that includes a 1999 conviction for ecstacy dealing. Upon learning of the conviction, Multi Capital and Trump have been distancing themselves from Goldberg:

"We were unaware of his past," Multi-Capital said, through the powerhouse Rubenstein PR firm, "and he is no longer associated with the marketing of the project and he is not a principal in the development."

But we're sure Goldberg will survive. After all, he's faced tough business problems before:

From a 1999 NY Post article: [Michel] Hemli, a resident of Belgium, sent shipments to Goldberger and Freund in a hollowed-out night table, the feds said. The trio began to panic earlier this month when a New York-bound shipment of 200,000 pills was "misdirected" to Spain, according to wiretapped talks. "I've been in this business for years," Goldberger told [partner Marc] Freund during an April 24 phone call. "There is nothing you can do when the s--t hits the fan."