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Niche Investing: The Adult Market

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We'd like to raise the possibility that Morgan Stanley IT employees who were emailing about whether they should attend the Adult Video News porn awards in Vegas were doing so for investing purposes. Not because they were, but because it's plausible, thanks to AdultVest, "The World's First and Only Investment Community Designed Specifically for the Adult Industry". From the Website (WARNING: sound; WARNING: not necessarily safe for work:

Investors will now have an opportunity to review executive summaries from a pool of start-up, small, medium, and large adult related businesses. Companies and talent in the industry can submit opportunities for investors to participate in their businesses; and the investors, the companies, and the talent will all have an opportunity to meet together in the same room at the upcoming AdultVest 2006 convention in Las Vegas, NV.

AdultVest [AdultVest via Susannah Breslin]


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