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No More Salisbury Steak for the NYSE; Dark Paneling Down 24%

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The NYSE is closing its dining club, citing rising costs, lower membership and, of course, 9-11. (When we hit the decade, we assume blaming 9-11 will seem sufficiently ridiculous that people will stop doing it. But we usually give people too much credit.) At any rate, the club was at its peak... guess when. Guess. Just guess:

The Luncheon Club hit its heyday in the early 1980s, when it served up to 500 meals a day, according to one report. The club occasionally served as a backdrop for inter-member skullduggery, with four separate NYSE disciplinary actions over the years arising from misuse of members club charge accounts.

We predict that this is just harbinger for the decline of dark-paneled private clubs in general. (Except the Racquet Club. And the University Club. And the Century Club. And the Union League Club...)
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