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Not That Any of You Who Are Being Blocked Can Read This...

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But on the offchance that you're reading from home later:
bOINGbOING's guide to "defeating censorware". An excerpt:

Boing Boing reader Tom Jeziorny says, "I work for a BIG financial services company that apparently uses (not-so-) SmartFilter because BoingBoing has recently become a forbidden site. I use Bloglines as my RSS reader so that I can access the blogs I read from work and home. It turns out that Bloglines is acting as sort of a proxy, since it connects to your RSS feed and not my computer, I'm still able to read BoingBoing at work.

Guide to Defeating Censorware []



Are You An Institutional Investor Who's Worried That Someone Will Chop Off Your Hand And Use It To Access The Bitcoin Keys You're Storing In The Side Of A Mountain? Pete Najarian Can Help!

"...said Clark, who noted the vault’s fingerprint scanners were equipped with a pulse reader to prevent amputated hands from being used."

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Are You Guys Even Allowed To Read This?

Are we banned at your office? Hello?