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Plotkin, Cont'd: Flight or Fight?

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The New York Post reports that Gene Plotkin can't make the $3 million bail set by a judge who deemed him a flight risk:

Plotkin helped his co-conspirator, David Pacjin, flee to the Dominican Republic in August as investigators started tightening the noose around the pair. Pacjin, 29, later returned to the U.S. and has been spilling his guts to prosecutors and further implicating his former co-worker who has helped him go on the lam.

Per the continued piecing together of the increasingly intricate puzzle: A tipster notes that the website for Plotkin's film company is still available via the Internet Archive and that former Goldman VP and colleague of Plotkin's, Nikola Miljkovic has an account on the site. Possibly innocuous information, but a name we haven't seen before.