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Plotkin Redux

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The Observer re-reports a lot of the stuff you've seen here and on WallStreetFolly about Gene Plotkin's literary ambitions, indie film and ballroom dancing skills, but here's a bit we didn't have, from one of Plotkin's dancing acquaintances:

“Gene choreographed. We called the dance Double Bondage. It was a cha-cha/rumba medley with music from James Bond movies, including Goldfinger. Gene and I wore tuxedos; our partners had knives and pretended to try to stab us in the back when we weren’t looking.”

We always thought the Dance of the Mutual Backstabbing was part and parcel of working on Wall Street, but we meant it as a metaphor. Who knew?
Goldman’s Plotkin Locked Up for Trading Violation--But Boy, Can He Rumba [NYO]