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Skilling Seems Oddly Defensive...

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From the "We're Not Saying He's Guilty, But We Find It Odd That the Affadavits Were Smoking and Smelled Like Burning Sulfur" department: Enron's Jeffrey Skilling, who we think of as the Harvard MBA who doesn't seem to understand accounting, took the stand today and protested his innocence:

"The charges against me are wrong. I am innocent of those charges and I will fight those charges until the day I die."

We're not sure that Skilling's determination makes him more likable on the stand, but we were half expecting a response to prosecution more along the lines of Skilling's April 2001 comment to Highfields Capital analyst Richard Grubman when questioned along similar lines:

"Well, thank you very much, we appreciate that... asshole."

Maybe he's mellowing out.
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