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Suit Yourself

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As everyone knows, wearing clothes that are commensurate with your status and wealth takes actual effort. There are extra buttons to button, more things to take off when you pass through the metal detectors at LaGuardia and more things that need to be dry cleaned, pressed and sung to in mild, soothing tones. So the WSJ's report about washable (*gasp*) dryable (oh god) wrinkle free suits (NOOOOOOO!!!!) has raised the ire of the traditionalists:

For Marc Psarolis, sales director for upscale British clothes maker Daks, the reaction is much more visceral. "This is the Antichrist of what we believe in," he sniffs.

But for those who need more specific guidance on what not to wear, we bring you Wall Street's own Chris Quick, who, in between vacations in Nantucket and St. Moritz found the time to sit down for an exclusive interview with tie-maker, Vineyard Vines. In hardhitting exchange of "finish the sentence," Quick reveals his sporting, political and fashion preferences:

Golf is analogous to life play 18 holes with somebody, it tells you a lot about the person.

Of today's world leaders, be they economic, political, or social, I most admire...Bush, George W. W.

I wear vineyard vines because...every time I look down at my tie, it reminds me of all the fun things there are to do in life outside of the work place. Work's fun, but looking down and flying or fishing or boating or sailing, playing golf, lacrosse, watching lacrosse games, seeing squash racquets-they're lifestyle ties.

Lifestyle ties are sort of the Antichrist of what we believe in. But we agree with him about golf.

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