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What Do You Want?

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Informal polling has indicated that you want certain things from us. In no particular order, here are some of the requests:
- More about Stevie Cohen (Thanks, Alan!)
- More lampooning of Lou Dobbs ("And tonight... The immigration special. Part 18 in a 40 part series.")
- More gratuitous references to the The West Garden Spa
- Instructions for how to get around the bank's IT department's DealBreaker-blocking program (English-to-English translation in Google)
- Instructions for how to block English-to-English translations of DealBreaker in Google. (Suck it, IT department.)
- Wall Street people sightings
- Items Of Prurient Interest
- More Muffie
- Less Muffie
- A date with Muffie (Thanks, Alan!)
- Bonus numbers
- A castle made of deal toys
What else do you want? Leave suggestions in the comments or email tips AT