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You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All

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CNBC keeps running a trailer for an interview with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, where Schultz's major soundbite is:

If you want achieve your dreams, you have to dream big...

Schultz did** a business book a few years ago called Pour Your Heart Into It, and wouldn't be surprised if that soundbyte was a chapter heading. The only problem is that it makes no sense.***
But frankly, we've heard worse. And you have, too. Admit it.
So we're collecting dumb business soundbytes. Send to with attribution (or leave suggestions in the comments.) The reader who submits the Dumbest Business Soundbyte gets a copy of Schultz's book, good for use as a paperweight for loose pitchbook pages, a doorstop or a beer coaster.
** We'd say "wrote a business book", but who are we kidding?
***By that logic, dreaming smaller would result in failure to achieve smaller, ostensibly more easily achiveable dreams. And dreaming even smaller would result in even more failure to achieve even smaller dreams. And when a small dream is tucked inside of an even smaller dream, inside of an even smaller dream, it's a failure inside a smaller failure. And when a small dream inside a small dream...


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