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A Day in the Life... of an Institutional Financial Consultant

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The Accidental Consultant has stumbled upon an unwitting institutional finance consultant's public Google calendar while searching for something related to CSFB. So if you're wondering what those people do all week, you can take a look at RV Kuhn associate Ryan Harvey's schedule, linked here. Some highlights from TAC:

Ryan has a slow weekend. Most consultants do. We don't work weekends like I-bankers do. All Ryan has scheduled for this weekend (as he does every Sunday) is to listen to a radio show that I have never heard of called "This American Life"**...

Ryan does also visit with money managers. On the 9th he is meeting with the CSFB Asset Allocation Guru, the Private Equity Guy and the Transition Management Guy, and on the 10th he is meeting with ING Investment management...

And on the 2nd of May, Harvey plans to change his Google Calendar settings to "private"...
** West coasters--what can you do? Then again, we always thought of listening to NPR as a New York affectation, much like pretending that 700 square feet is "spacious" or deciding that exposed brick is an attractive feature rather than a defect.
The Life of a Consultant [The Accidental Consultant]


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