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A Flock of Priuses (Priusii?)

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Last week, we brought you a rare glimpse of the elusive Goldman hybrid in its natural habitat. It did not appear to have swallowed any bankers at the time the photograph was taken, but was no doubt waiting patiently for its prey, which would soon be folded into its belly, a jumble of knees, Turnbull & Asser and pitchbooks. Today, a reader sends us photo evidence of an entire flock of hybrids, noting that the size of the flock would seem to indicate that the whole "hybrid black car" idea hasn't exactly caught on (though the source suggests this has more to do with a lack of drivers than a lack of demand)**:

But, says the source, "For all the entitled banker-wankers whining about their precious knees getting brushed by the back of the passenger seat, let it be known that the Prius is not the only option. There are both Highlanders and Lexus (see below) available:"

We should also note that the Ozocars have in-car Internet, which means... mobile DealBreaker!
** Our tipster also points out that the cars are just sitting there, and Ozocar probably got a decent bulk deal on them from Toyota. So maybe the new business strategy should be flipping them to private buyers, given the hotness of the secondary market right now.
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