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Associate Compensation

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BankersBall has pilfered uncovered a survey of compensation for private equity associates. We have no idea whether this information is accurate, misleading or just plain made-up. But here are the goods.

* 1st year associate: (based on 48 data points)
Average — $86k / $87k / $172
Median — $80k / $80k / $160k
* 2nd year associate: (based on 15 data points)
Average — $95k / $111k / $206k
Median — $85k / $105k / $210k
* 3rd year associate: (based on 4 data points)
Average — $98k / $159k / $256k
Median — $98k / $160k / $263k

If that makes you feel good about your compensation, we suggest you go home and have a good weekend. Whatever you do, don't try to break it down into hourly compensation until Monday. Trust us.
Hot, Hot, HOT! Private Equity Comp[Bankers Ball]