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Banker Shakes Doc Down For Drugs

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As it turns out, being married to an investment banker has its advantages. The Universal Critic blogger watches as his sterner half convinces a reluctant British National Health Service doctor to cough up the desired prescription:

At that point, a stare down ensued. Now Universal Wifey is not your average Notting Hill yummy mummy. For starters, she's not a mummy. She is a hardcore investment banker, and you don't get there without being able to stare someone down. She sat across from the doctor, wearing her smart work suit, and stared. Slowly the rustling from the waiting room became louder and louder. She stared. The clock ticked towards hometime. She stared. His phone rang with and enquiry from the desk to see if everything was OK. She stared. He picked up his men and doodled on her card. She stared. She clicked his pen a few times. She stared. He may even have perspired a little. She stared.

We were wondering how everyone was getting adderall prescriptions to fuel those all nighters.
London Life [Universal Critic]