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Bankers and Sartorial Flair Disrepair

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A couple of weeks ago we sat in on a meeting discussing some new debt products that bankers are marketing to their corporate clients. Lots of people with the eyes of the-dead-who-have-been-buried-in-cubicles, and suit jackets stretched into U-shapes from being hung over the backs of chairs for too many late nights. Usually, we try to entertain ourselves in these meetings by playing with a calculator--typing "h3110" over and over again, or seeing what my phone number adds up to. This time, however, we spent the entire meeting amazed at two gentlemen sporting giant shiny watches over their shirtsleeves.

Apparently it's not enough these days to have a watch which screams "I Have An Obnoxious Amount of Money On My Wrist." Now You have to scream it even louder, on the outside of your shirt. we suppose this is the banker version of wearing your heart on your sleave--wearing your bonus on your sleeve.
Today, Bankers Ball lets a "Natty Banker" defend this practice.

The watch over the shirt thing is interesting and very Italian! I think it can be done under the right circumstances, i.e. if the watch is substantial enough in scale, and if the person has the right other accessories going on too. It would be good to do this with a sportscoat, some nice loafers, and tailored jeans. Without all of the proper accoutrements The Watch Over Shirt Thing runs the risk of just being cheesy.

We wish we were making this up.
The Natty Banker: The Watch Over Shirt Thing [BankersBall]