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Barron's Launches Blog

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Eric Savitz has launched a blog over at Barron's, Tech Trader Daily. From the initial post.

Well, here it is, the first-ever post of Barron’s first-ever blog. It’s been a long time coming: Barron’s has been online for a decade now, but our approach until this point has focused largely on writing stories for the Web that look a lot like the ones we write in the magazine: in-depth company stories with an investment angle. And the site will continue to do a lot of that. With Tech Trader Daily, however, I’ll try to apply some of the same Barron’s logic to daily coverage of the tech sector. Like other bloggers, I’ll be linking off to interesting stuff around the Web, from both other print publications and various places in the blogosphere.

Today he's more or less live-blogging from the Wall Street Journal's"D Confernce" and provides this quote from Sony CEO Howard Stringer: “Microsoft whips out patches like hot meals.”
Tech Trader Daily [Barron's Online via Random Roger's Big Picture]