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Bogle Blogle

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Attention finance nerds (Finerds?) : John Bogle is blogging (Bogling? Blogling?).The inaugural post from The Man Himself:

The Bogle Blog. Can you believe it? A few months ago I barely knew what on earth a “blog” was, and now here I am blogging. I’m excited, however, about the opportunities this new website will offer me, and hope that what you find here keeps you coming back to check in...

If only Ben Bernanke were blogging. We'd have so much more material to parse and subsequently misinterpret...
John C. Bogle Blog



With Friends Like Jack Bogle…

The Vanguard Group can't help it! He was trying to be nice!


Jack Bogle: In The Long Run, President Trump Will Be A Disaster

Trump is a Keynesian, but is he the last Keynesian?

A very dangerous man. (Screenshot)

Jack Bogle Will Have To Shake His Fist At Clouds From His Own Cloud Now

The Vanguard Group founder and expert shit-talker has died at 89.