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Charles Schumer: Wall Street's Best Friend on Capitol Hill?

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At least in some quarters, the notion Wall Street is overrun with free-market Republicans persists despite tons of evidence to the contrary. Tim Carney provides details of the finance and business community's support for leading Democrat Charles Schumer in today's NY Sun.

The secret to Mr. Schumer's success is his close friendship to big business, especially Wall Street. In the last election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Mr. Schumer was among the top three lawmakers (not counting presidential candidates) at getting contributions from many industries, including securities and investing, accounting, real estate, architects, liquor, banks, software, and textiles. In turn, the key to his friendship with big business is his liberal big-government agenda.

[Full disclosure: Tim Carney is the brother of Dealbreaker's John Carney, who occassionally writes for the culture pages of the NY Sun.]
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