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Citigroupers Exiled to Jersey

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The Daily News notes that Chuck Prince, who co-chairs the Partnership for New York City and in that capacity works in part to attract businesses to the downtown area post-9/11, now has at least one glaringly obvious failure to do so under his belt: Citigroup's IB division is moving out of downtown and into New Jersey, land of mobsters real and imagined, Teterboro and violent golf. DealBreaker HQ (the, ahem, New York office) is a few blocks from the Citi building, so we assume this means there will be more tables at Nobu for us, and less waiting in line at Bazzini's behind guys in blue button-downs and black pants.**
** You laugh, but you're wearing a blue button down and black pants right now, aren't you? Aren't you? ... Okay, so are we.
Citigroup to Ditch Downtown for Jersey [NYDailyNews]