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Commodity Traders: How to Re-negotiate Your Pay Package

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BreakingViews notes that commodities traders are in big demand right now, with the lemming-like investor rush into metals. In fact, it's a good time for traders to negotiate their pay packages and BreakingViews offers the following suggestion:

...ask to be paid in old UK two-pence coins— at least for the first year. The copper in each of them is now worth 3p. So that's a 50% bonus, just for melting them down. But be sure to get the pre-1992 variety. That's when the Royal Mint changed to copper-coated steel...

Meltdown [BreakingViews]


Layoffs Watch '12: Deutsche Bank Commods. Traders To Get Walking Papers

Our German friends are issuing walking papers to a whole bunch of Houston-based power and gas traders, part of cuts that have also claimed the bank's commodities chief. More than 50 jobs are being cut.