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Crash Course on Dating Bankers and Other NY Men

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Guides to dating and mating in New York City continue to proliferate. We’re pretty sure these things are popular because so many New Yorkers are convinced that they must be doing something wrong, and maybe a guide would help. It’s kind of reassuring to think that a well-written guide would rescue us from bad dates and worse relationships. The alternative is that we’re all destined to live long lonely lives in proximity to someone of our preferred sex who we really can’t stand and we suspect just wants us for our money, looks or club memberships.
Today the reigns of Bankersball have been given over to former finance professional “Ex-Working Girl” to describe for women the different types of dating candidates they might stumble across.

Finance/I-Banking Guys - Ah, what can I say about my counterparts. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship. These guys are driven and successful, which can be great because that also means that when they have time to play, funds are not an issue and they love the finer things in life (thus their love of beautiful women). However, that’s just it — “when they have time to play”. They often don’t. And because of their jobs they are often stressed out. Even after they get off work, it takes a while for them to decompress. But if you’re the kind of a girl who likes a challenge (like me) then I think you can appreciate these guys. If nothing else, they make a great fling.

Just in case her message isn’t clear, we offer this translation: “Investment Bankers=Good short term positions.”
Ex-Working Girl Presents: The Guys Guide [BankersBall]