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Eating Glassman's Words

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Eddy Elfenbein reminds us that back in April Slate's Daniell Gross was prediciting the Bush administration wouldn't be able to recruit a high level Wall Street exec to replace John Snow. Specficially, Gross wrote:

The probability of Bush being able to draft any of these guys—virtually all of whom have signaled their disinterest—is incredibly low.

Gross then went on to put his money where his mouth was to put his mouth where his predictions were.

John Snow will have a replacement, and he may very well come from the corporate world. But if it's an A-list Wall Street CEO, I'll buy a copy of Dow 36,000 and eat the first chapter.

We think it's unfair to ask Gross to follow through on this promise entirely. Gross is, afterall, an internet journalist. So we here at DealBreaker hereby promise to buy Gross a copy of Dow 36,000 and mail him the first chapter. But he's got to eat those words.
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