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Eating Your Words on the Cheap

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Yesterday we poked fun at Daniel Gross, the Slate "Moneybox" writer who offered to eat the first chapter of Dow 36,000 if John Snow's replacement was an "A-list Wall Street CEO." You don't get much more A-list than Hank Paulson, so we expect Gross to be digesting those pages soon.
Gross himself has now admitted his error, albeit while taking a weird swipe at the book he promised to devour.

In April, I said I'd eat the first chapter of Dow 36,000 if President Bush could convince a Wall Street big shot to succeed the flailing John Snow as treasury secretary. This morning, Bush nominated arguably the biggest of the big shots on Wall Street—Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson. (At least it'll be a cheap meal. Dow 36,000 is going used on for as little as four cents a copy.)

Well, sure you can buy a used copy for four cents. But would you really want to eat a used book? We imagine that books aren't exactly the cleanest thing you can shove down your gullet. Wouldn't it at least be a good idea to start with a new copy? Look, Daniel, if it's a money issue you can relax. Our offer to buy you a copy, a new copy, still stands.

Good as Goldman