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Enron Conviction Blacklash

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It was bound to happen. Anytime a scoundrel takes a sucker for everything he's got, someone will eventually blame the sucker. Afterall, he shouldn't have been a sucker in the first place.

So what about the victims that suffered at the hands of the above mentioned individuals when they lost their life savings, jobs, pensions etc.? I am sorry - but if someone had their life savings in one and only one stock, I would question their sanity. In fact, retirement money, pensions and other such assets should always remain in diversified funds. Pleading ignorance to this rule of thumb is like the smoker who pleads ignorance to the warning printed on the carton. So honestly, those who lost their livelihood due to the shenanigans at Enron really can't blame anyone but themselves for not being careful with their own money. They put their eggs in one basket - their job, retirement savings and their future and now they want someone to pay for their own mistakes.

This reminds us of the con-man's justification of his trade--"You can't cheat an honest man." Or, in the words of Mike Skinner (aka "The Streets"), "Using the following, I'm going to show you: A) How to con someone using their own greed, B) That you won't feel bad 'cos they're trying to con you anyway, and C) TAKING THEIR MONEY!"
So, see, you don't have to feel bad for the Enron investors. They deserved to have their savings wiped out by crooks because they were stupid and greedy. The stupid and greed deserve what they get. The smart and greedy, well, that's another story. We guess that's how it works.
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