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Fearing Hank Paulson

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Not everyone is happy with the appointment of Goldman CEO Hank Paulson to takeover from John Snow as Treasury Secretary. Here is what the free-marketeers at the Competitive Enterprise Institute* had to say.

“No conservative administration should consider appointing anyone who works for the Nature Conservancy to any position and certainly not to one carrying the high responsibilities of Treasury Secretary. The financial scandals at the Nature Conservancy uncovered by the Washington Post are only the tip of the iceberg. The Nature Conservancy has served as the agent for turning millions of acres of productive private land into federally-owned land and has made huge profits doing so,” said CEI’s Director of Energy & Global Warming Myron Ebell. “The question that needs to be asked is, what will Mr. Paulson be able to do as Treasury Secretary to benefit the Nature Conservancy and its big corporate partners?”

Translation: Treehugger!
Trouble at Treasury: Paulson Wrong Choice for Secretary [CEI]
* Disclosure: John Carney's brother Timothy P. Carney is the Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellow at CEI. He did not contribute to the article discussed here.