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Greek Diner Denizens as Counter-Cyclical Market Signs

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Jeff Matthews describes his encounter in his local Greek diner lunch spot with a hospital worker looking for investment advice. Since we find ourselves in similiar situations, we really like his response: play psychologist.

She: “Which fund should I buy?”
Me: “Which fund do you want to buy?”
She: “I’m not sure. Which country should I buy?”
Me: “Which country do you want to buy?”

In their next encounter, the hospital worker informs Jeff she's selling everything. His natural response: does this mean it's time to buy?
The last time we got asked for investment advice was over brunch at the new West Village spot Ditch Plains. It went like this.

Her: What should I be buying?
DB: Try the lobster roll.
Her: That's not what I meant.
DB: If you're not hungry, then just go with the shrimp salad.
Her: Are you always like this?
DB: Usually. At least until we get our first bloody mary.

Panic at the Greek Diner [Jeff MatthewsIsNotMakingThisUp]