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Harry's at Hanover Square: In; NYSE Luncheon Club: Out

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Marketwatch's David Weidner says Harry's of Hanover Square is in and the NYSE Luncheon Club is out**:

After three years under lock and key, the institution*** is back, along with symbolic Gordon Gekko and Tom Wolfe references in the New York Post. Under the watch of the founder's son, Peter Poulakakos, the eatery is buzzing with its same financial clientele and new customers from downtown's growing residential base. Step into a time machine and go where men were men, women were dames and "gentlemen's clubs" didn't get you fired for cause. Along with the rebirth of Stone Street, Harry's is helping to make downtown a scene again.

We hope they succeed, if only because Harry's is closer than San Pietro and we're lazy. (Mmmm... steak.)
We're also wondering if we should post Spot Market sightings at Harry's or any of the usual midtown lunch places. (We've mildly threatened to station interns with cameraphones outside of the Racquet Club, but that seemed a bit sadistic, even for us.) Any suggestions? Send to TIPS at Dealbreaker dot com.
** Weidner also says we're in and the New York Post is out. Note to self: remember to extoll Weidner's subtle genius re: next Marketwatch column.
*** And NYC Young Republican Meetup Venue
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