Harvey Weinstein Invests in Friendster-for-Bankers

The Times reports this morning that Harvey Weinstein** is putting money into aSmallWorld.net, which is ostensibly the Swiss boarding school equivalent of Facebook/MySpace. It's friendster for people who self-identify as being dually-based in two large cities with modern Western economies, an abundance of 8-figure real estate and a luxury resort or two. Normally, it would be too small a deal to feel relevant to us, except that half the bankers/traders/private equity guys in New York have a profile, and the founder, above left with Harvey, is an ex-banker.
Of course, the first rule of aSmallWorld is that no one talks about aSmallWorld, or so implied a recent communique from the founders noting that someone had talked to the press about the service and had been booted out a result. (We're not sure if this counts as "talking about it" to the press, given that we are the press and given the newly added "press center" on the homepage. Guess we'll see if our profile gets pulled.)
** We were first introduced to Mr. Weinstein a few years ago, after some light skewering on our part--fake letters to Santa, and whatnot. "See?" he said, "I'm not so fucking bad, am I?" We declined to point out that he was speaking at a decibel level that technically constituted "yelling". Then again, we were at Marquee, there was loud music, and yelling may have been in order.
A Weinstein Invests in Exclusivity



Harvey Weinstein Wants To Get Paid

Either Harv gets his or no one does. (It’s the latter.)


Paul Tudor Jones Inexplicably Wrote An Email To Ensure That History Will Remember Him As Harvey Weinstein's Most Ardent Enabler

PTJ told Harvey that this was all going to pass quickly, which explains Tudor's recent Macro Fund performance.


Goldman Sachs Now Views Harvey Weinstein To Be As Morally Toxic As Venezuelan Oil Bonds

Another object lesson in how even Goldman can't always look the other way.

Wien Pronounceth. Invest Accordingly.

Assent. Dissent. Abjure. Embrace. Mock. Mock each other's mocking. Generally talk among yourselves.

Boaz Weinstein Kills it in May . . .

May was the worst month for hedge funds since October 2008. The HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index lost 2.6 percent. Don’t tell that to Boaz Weinstein. Yeah, he might have lost $1 billion at Deutsche Bank, but that’s old news. Boaz’s Saba Capital (Hebrew for grandfather) bucked the trend in May, up 1.6 percent for the month and 5.8 percent for the year.