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Helen Green Doesn't Want to Marry You

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Actress and blogger Helen Green (pictured left) is upset that the financial services community isn't paying enough attention to the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes situation.

There are about 10 IBs about 5 feet away from me and one of them is explaining the "Tom Cruise is gay and Katie Holmes is contracted to play his wife" theory. They are all acting SHOCKED. Just shocked!
"Where did you hear THAT?!"
"Oh this stuff is underground, it's not even IN US Weekly."
"What? NO!"
"Maybe that would make sense."
"Well I guess 'Pieces of April' doesn't pay the bills."
This just isn't acceptable. A year ago- MAYBE. Not 2006 though. No way

Actually Helen, you might want to reconsider the idea that you want to marry any man who knows too much about Tom Cruise.
Why I Can't Marry An Investment Banker [And I'm Helen Green]