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How To Spend Your Hedge Fund $

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Just as youth is wasted on the young, wealth is certainly wasted on the wealthy. All too often, people who are earning the serious money have no idea how to spend such money. They end up doing silly things with it. Like dying with it so their idle offspring can fritter it away on expensive chemical habits or political causes. Or losing it to the ex-wife.
Fortunately, Kaiser Edamame of Long or short capital provides some advice.

Some of you may have heard that working at a hedge fund you can make “a lot of money”. Well it’s true. Now some of you might be saying to yourself: “Wow, how am I going to get a job at a hedge fund so I can make all that money?” which is a good question. But, there are a few of you who are more foresighted that are saying “Wow, how am I going to SPEND all that money?” And that’s really the more important question, because let me tell you, it’s not easy.

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