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HSBC Dumped By M&A Stud For Blackstone

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Yesterday it was announced that M&A big John "Studs" Studzinski is leaving the HSBC Group for the Blackstone Group. Studs made his reputation as the top dog for Morgan Stanley's M&A business in Europe during the 1990s. Originally from Boston--he graduated from St Paul's and Bowdoin College-- Studs moved to London a few years after getting his MBA from Chicago. While working at Morgan Stanley, he gained a reputation as a master dealmaker and networker, as well as a philanthropist and patron of the arts. A few years back the Pope even knighted him for his good deeds. Three years ago he left Morgan Stanley for HSBC, where he was charged with ramping up the banks M&A business.
We'd write more but the sources below pretty much cover the story. Also, writing about wealthy, successful people who are also so ridiculously...uhm...we guess the work is "good"...well, it makes us uncomfortable. We can already feel the brimstone scorching our souls without having to be reminded of it by guys like Studs.
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