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JPMorgan Interns Join Forces, Form Blog

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It looks as if the summer CorpFin intern/"summer analyst" class at JPMorgan has banded together and formed a group blog. It's mostly anonymous, but one guy using the moniker Gordon Gekko (of course) has a Facebook profile that "about half the class has already accepted... as a friend." Facebook: less anonymous. (Note to the interns: if you must...) The blog description:

As everyone knows, corporate finance is the most important part of every bank, especially JP Morgan. This group is dedicated to the corporate finance summer analysts at all JPM offices for Summer 2006. This summer is going to be an orgy of Excel-induced I-Banking pleasure.

It's a little tamer than the description from a couple of days ago, which included this line:

Goldman Who? Shiti-Bank.Lame-man Brothers. Deutsche-Bag Bank. No bank can compare.

We'd mock, but mocking interns would be like mocking the kid you know is going to get the daylights beaten out of him the second he sets foot on the school playground. We just can't bring ourselves...
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