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Ken Lay Has Left the Building... But Not Yet.

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Apparently, Ken Lay has not yet left the courthouse because the judge is afraid he and Skilling are flight risks. From Bloomberg TV:

Ken Lay has not left the courthouse, you will notice, and that is because he has not surrendered his passport yet. The judge said he wants a $5 million cash bond and for him to surrender his passport before he allows him to leave the courthouse. Apparently Jeff Skilling did post a bond and did surrender his passport--the judge wanting to make sure that neither defendant is able to leave the country before the sentencing. Obviously, that is a great concern of his.

We think it would be a bit difficult to sneak them both out of the country with the throngs of cameras and reporters that will inevitably be following them around for the next few weeks, but what do we know.
More judge weirdness: (also via Bloomberg) He also asked the courtroom sketch artist to do portraits of the jurors, and told the jurors he'd give them copies. Souvenirs from white collar criminal trials. Normally that sort of thing would only appeal to, well, us.