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Ken Lay Lays Blame on God

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Last week, we mentioned that one of the things that Ken Lay was doing during the hours between his conviction and the time he emerged from the Houston courthouse was standing around with his family. Seemed fair enough. We'd probably say a couple of prayers if we were convicted of crimes that promised to put us in jail for the rest of our lives too.
But when Lay emerged from the courthouse, he decided to deliver a miniature sermon on God's role in our fate. Now we see professional athletes do this all the time, thanking God for their victories. But you usually don't see the losers blaiming God, which is pretty much what it sounded like Lay was doing when he went on about remembering that "God is in control."
Jeff Matthews was pretty disgusted.

The only thing missing from the whole tableau was Tammy Faye Baker dabbing those big raccoon-shadowed eyes of hers for the cameras and declaring her eternal affinity for the good Christian Ken.

As always, piety is the last comfort of the corrupt.
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