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Live Blogging the New Treasury Secretary

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8:15. Rumors everywhere that Treasury Secretary John Snow is stepping down. What to make of Snow? Kevin Hassett sure likes him. Who will replace him? Will it be former Commerce Secretary Don Evans? Goldman Sach's Hank Paulson?
8:20. Wires are saying it's Paulson! Dollar rising on the news. Apparently, the NY Times said Evans would favor a weaker dollar.
8:22. Bloomberg very certain it's Paulson.
8:29. Yep. It's going to be Paulson according to "media reports." DealBreaker says its true so it must be!
8:47. What? According to marketwatch, dollar is falling on the news of Paulson.
8:58. Still an empty podium outside the White House. I need another cup of coffee.
9:07. CNBC keeps saying we're moments away! I'm so excited! I've put altogether too much sugar in my coffee!
9:14. John Snow walks out with George Bush and...Hank Paulson. Suck it Goldman Sachs shareholders! Watch your stock sink like the President's poll ratings! You just lost your chairman and CEO.
9:16. The President is saying nice things about Snow. That's sweet.
9:17. Wow. Not a lot of nice things. That was quick.
9:17. Now the President is saying nice things about America. "The American economy is powerful, productive and prosperous," he says. He really seems to like us. I feel kind of bad the feeling are not reciprocated. So Hank shares the president's philosophy of trusting the American people to save, spend and invest their money as they see fit. Is the President a tree-hugger?
9:18. Restrain spending! Cut the deficit in half by 2009! That's "our" goal. "He'll help ensure America's trading partners play by the rules...respect intellectual property and maintain a market-based exchange rate." Suck it China!
9:20. Snow is talking now. The President and Paulson look confused! Was Hank supposed to speak next? Why do we even have to hear from the guy going out? Snow keeps aiming his eyebrows at Paulson! I think they are growing while he's talking. Does that mean he is lying or telling the truth?
9:22. Paulson speaks. Mentions "the competitive zeal of the American people." Holy crap. We're all working at Goldman now!