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Monster Stock?

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Let's talk about another kind of energy stock for a moment—Hansen Natural Corp (HANS), the California beverage maker responsible for concoctions such as the Monster Energy drink. This morning Hansen's stock was trading at around $185 and rising, with a P/E ratio of 71.56. That's right, 71.56. And check out its two-year chart.
Is this stock over-valued? I have no idea. It's a far higher ratio than the beverage industry average. For that matter, it's slightly higher than Google's P/E ratio.
But I suppose it's always possible that Hansen drinks are just that good. Goldman Sachs seems to think so. Today it rated the stock as Outperform with a $230 target. One of my trader friends calls this "silliness." I'll try to get to the bottom of this monster. First step—getting someone at Goldman to return my calls.