Not-So-Live from Omaha


As you may have noticed, much of the financial press is in Omaha at the moment, attending the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. We're not in Omaha because, well, it's Omaha, but we were hoping there would be some interesting reports from the inside. (Then we remembered that the correlation between People Who Would Attend a Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting in Person and People Who Would Be Able to Identify An Interesting Gossip Item if It ACME Anvil-ed Them On the Head is roughly 0.0000023.) We do, however, have one guy's YouTube video of the scene at the General Meeting:

And we also have the Flickr Spontaneous Gallery of Vanity Photos With Warren Buffett. (And for those of you in the 0.0000023, front line reports are welcome. tips AT dealbreaker DOT com.)


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You’ll Have To Find Another Time To Enjoy Omaha’s Charms

Buffettstock, like everything else, is cancelled.

Old Man In Omaha's Still Got It

Buffett Bonds! Get yer Buffett Bonds!

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The Oracle Of Omaha Could Make Out Like A Non-Threatening Old Bandit On This Whole Emperor Trump Deal

Trump tax plan would give Berkshire Hathaway a $29B tax cut, hoping Warren's kid Jimmy gets some.