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Own a Little Piece of Ivan Boesky

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If you're feeling nostalgic and you've got a little over $699 burning a hole in your Brooks Brothers chinos, someone's eBay-ing a letter from Ivan Boesky to one of his clients (Lyman Bloomingdale of Bloomingdale Properties) at First Manhattan Co., dated January 15, 1969, informing the client of his departure from First Manhattan Co., to work for Technological Investors Management.** People will eBay anything these days. Next up: Michael Milken's hairpiece.
** We forgot how bad and generic company names were in '70s. Is the technology managing investors here or the other way around?
Full text of the letter after the jump.
Ivan Boesky, Typed Letter, Signed [eBay]

New York, N.Y., 1969 January 15. On letterhead of First Manhattan Co. to Lyman G. Bloomingdale, Bloomingdale Properties, New York, N.Y. In full: "I wish to announce that as of January 26, 1970 I shall be leaving The First Manhattan Co. and will be joining as vice president Technological Investors Management Inc. My new business address will be 75 East 55th Street, New York, New York and my new business telephone number will be 212 PL 2-1940. Technological Investors Management specializes in portfolio management, the management of a variety of funds specializing in areas of high technology and in the field of venture capital. I will be glad at some future time to discuss with you the areas in which I believe Technological Investors Management could be most interesting to you. In as much as 'TIM' is not a member firm of any of the listed stock exchanges I will not be able to represent you as a stock broker relative to your securities transactions. I would urge you to maintain your account with the First Manhattan Co. for whom I have the highest regard. I would suggest that as questions arise and you wish orders to be placed that they be placed with Mr. Harry Schick, a partner of the company. If he is not available I would suggest that you contact Mr. Frits Markus, a partner, and if he is not available Mr. David S. Gottesman, managing partner. I am sure that these men will be most willing to service your account. I look forward to being of any assitance [sic] I can; therefore please do not hesitate to contact me if questions arise. I deeply appreciate the brokerage business you have given me and my firm over the last severalyears and look forward to a continuing relationship with you. Yours sincerely."


BATS Owns It

If you're looking for contrition from BATS Global Markets following its revelation that it's been screwing up hundreds of thousands of trades and violating rules for about four years, you'll be disappointed. The latest exchange forced to publicly admit incompetence says it's going to try to fix things, but that customers (and, presumably, the SEC) occasional snafu.