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Ozocar Sighting

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Our obsession with Goldman Sach's tree-huggerish use of OZOcar hybrids to move its bankers through our fair city was reignited by Sunday's New York Times Magazine interview with architect Richard Rogers, the British architect recently chosen to redesign Tower 3 at the World Trade Center site.

Looking ahead, how do you feel about having to spend so much time in New York, presiding over your many projects?
I love New York. I have five sons, one of whom lives in New York, and I stay with him when I visit. He runs a company called OZOcar, which is the first limousine company which is environmentally friendly. All their cars use hybrid fuel.
Do you drive a hybrid car?
I don't own a car. I drive a bicycle.

Hear that Goldman folks? Be grateful for your hybrids. One generation up the Rogers family doesn't believe in cars at all!
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